A Car of My Own

I got a car two weeks ago. It is not a big deal for most people, but for me it is huge, Now everything comes together - traveling to places where I can explore. Expanding my physical boundaries.


Now with the car new options open up - I am writing this from a village three hours drive from the city.


This is the village where I spent most of my summers growing up.


With a car I can be here and at the same time have a little home on wheels that would allow me to go other places. Sleep somewhere by the road should I like, stop for a swim in the river, or just drive. Be able to go hiking whenever I like, get medicine for someone who needs it.


I lean on a much wider repertoire of possibilities of what my life can look like.

Maybe it is the car. Maybe it is about being a driver. The driver of my life in a car of my own.